MultiNest Crate and Pallet Bundle

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20 x MultiNest Crates with 1 x Universal Display Pallet

Our strong and durable Universal Display Pallet (UDP) has been designed to work seamlessly with our range of MultiNest Crates, making it easier to securely transport and store full crates. This bundle contains 20 MultiNest Crates, and 1 UDP, either Wheeled (with 2 braked wheels) or Standard, allowing you to stack 10 crates on each half of the pallet.

The bundle contains all that you would need to safely store or move products, whilst keeping them organised and maximising space, conveniently put together at a discounted price. The bundle is perfect for transporting large loads in one go, and can be used on the shop floor, in factories and storage facilities. The bundle is even ideal for practical uses in the home, such as moving house or organising the running of a small business.

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20 x MultiNest Crates with 1 x Universal Display Pallet

MultiNest Crate – full product information
The MultiNest 190 is a high quality, robust, cost effective, stackable and nestable crate used predominantly within food, retail and catering industries. It is also perfect for home storage, great for storing toys, keeping cupboards tidy and organising the garage or shed. The crate is made from food grade material, is convenient to wipe clean, and features easy label removal texture. It is operational at temperatures between -10C and +50C, with a maximum load weight of 25kg, and a maximum stack load weight of 350kg.
External Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 190mm  (L x W x H)

Universal Display Pallet – full product information
Wheeled Universal Display Pallet – full product information

A strong, durable plastic pallet designed for multiple applications. The Universal Display Pallet (UDP) is a solid deck, half euro sized pallet, that is lightweight and has ergonomically designed smooth lifting handles to aid easy handling and manual movement. It features retractable pop ups to allow secure transportation of both crates and standard loads. Choose between our wheeled UDP which features two lockable wheels and has a load capacity of 250kg, and our standard UDP which is able to support a dynamic load of 500kg, and a static load of 1000kg.

Additional information

Weight 37.7-40 kg
Display Pallet Type

Universal Display Pallet, Wheeled Universal Display Pallet (2 braked wheels)

20 x Crates: Colour

Black, Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Light Grey, Cornflower Blue, Lime Green, Orange, Pink, Clear

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